Entre Dieu Et Diable

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I gave this to a 15 yr old and she is making dinner every other night now. Recipes are easy and tasty. Great book for a wedding gift or anyone trying their hand at cooking. This is one of the all-time great books of American literature. If you read it as a kid, read it again.

volksli.ga kindle asks $10.99 for Entre dieu et diable, and claims that is a $12.00 discount off of the publisher's price. in fact, Entre dieu et diable sells at my local drugstore for $7.99, and can probably be found for less than that in discount stores.

Maria Chapdelaine

A quick survey of philosophical themes. If you are starting to investigate philosophy, this is a good book with which to begin.

A Journey In Brazil (1871)

A wonderful book for little ones just learning to read. Compelling illustrations of jungle animals (including a sweet baby elephant) and repetitive words make this celebration of splashing in pools of water a joy!

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...when I was growing up I never had books like this that could actually have help me in my learning processes. This is a fantastic book with great illustrations and rhymes and I will enjoy sending it along to my nieces and nephews.

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Brought back so many memories and made me realize how lucky I am to have as great a friend as Kate had. This is a good book for every woman who has a good friend that they share everything with. In between tears and laughter I would recommend it.

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