Ender'sgame is one of my very favorite books and although this is not quite of that stature it is a near second. It was exciting to view the tapestry of ender's game from a different perspective and to meet and come to love bean, the tiniest child in battle school.

This is by no means a quick-fix book. It will require some effort from you, but if you're willing to work, you will see results. This is, in my opinion, one of the best books out there on how to get strong teeth naturally.And it doesn't hurt that Ramiel is an awesome, and friendly guy either.

Very good book !!!! Not sure which book I like most...but this story wow lots of steamy scenes I cannot wait to read the next bellum sis book.......... More mayhem yay

Great book for someone just beginning to learn or study Shamanism. It was an easy to read and easy to understand book. Enjoyed it very much.

I thought this was good book. I enjoyed reading it. It combined all of my favorite things. I will read more books by this author.

I saw this on amazon for .99. It sounded good so i decided to try it. Very glad i did. Great book. I have ordered and am about to start his second book. Always glad to find a new, good, author.

This is a very good book. I was really drawn into the story from the beginning, and I can't wait to read more from this author. However, he really needs to find a better proof reader/editor/publisher. There were a ton of spelling/grammer mistakes. Its really something that should have been caught in editing.

This was a wonderful book. Especially nice to read at Christmas, but anytime is good. Loved all of the characters. I'd recommend it to everyone!

This is a great book series you never really know what's in store until the end it is a tragic book though not for the faint of heart

A great book for teacher and student especially for reviewing for the state tests. Some errors but highly useful. I recommend it.

FANTASTIC book for all dog lovers!Fantastic book for anyone getting old or with an old pet.Great photos too.

O.k. I'm a big fan, I waited soooooo long for prada plan 3 only to be let downBecause now I have to wait another year to find out if ya ya or Leah killed eachother. It was a good book. But it could have ended with this one. Cwallace

This is a wonderful book a nice love story with all the ups and downs and a lot of back ground story's about all the other people in the story. So on to the next. Enjoy the read and audio book!

This author is amazing - makes you want to cheat to find out what happens before completing the story.Great book!.....Very entertaining.

Best book I've read for self - therapy. Simple - understandable - useable - enlightening. I highly recommend it!

Best book ever on this contentious subject. Ties all the other incomplete theories together in a very detailed, competently researched and factually substantiated way. Who did it? They all had a hand in it.

It was a great book about Obama's life in law school and college and the white house and its amazing

Good book. Written from the perspective of a kid, yet it shows great wisdom, and gets the point across. The story keeps true to itself and its historical period and aspects.

this is a good book to have, it has everything in it. it's easy to read and will be a great assest to your library.

Wow! What a great book!! I read it in one sitting and can't wait for the next in the series!

This was a great book! Interesting characters and a great plot with hard and soft edges. A must read!

Sorry, but this was horrible. I thoroughly enjoyed Californication but this wasn't a very good book. Bad story, bad writing, bad book.

I have just finished reading Trans-Human. Great book, overall. The basic concept is great, the plot twists are EXCELLENT! You're never really sure WHO the bad guys are and where until the very end. I have to wonder if there's going to be a 4th book. It would be interesting to see the next stage in this evolution of man.

Great book, did not expect the ending. Please write, Quickie two because I want to read more and see what happens to Lauren and the baby.

great book about another time. Very romantic and emotional even though so much was left unsaid or undone. I enjoyed it very much.

Great books, very thought provoking and entertaining to boot. I have enjoyed them quite a bit and have recommended them to friends and family.

This the 2nd book in the series and once again I couldn't put it down. She has made her characters so real that I am sad that there is only one more book after this one. She writes in a way that makes my want to keep reading because I have to know how it ends. This is a great book and I know if you like mysteries that you will love this one

I love the beauty and the beast story!! I have always loved every version of the story! This was such a great book!! I had it completely read in one day!!! Highly recommend!!

Like the other books written by the same author, this is a great book, and has very interesting information about Sufism and Islam, and how they can relate to oneself.

A friend referred this one to me and I found myself sitting up at 1:00am because I couldn't seem to put it down! It's a Love story but there's a great "whodunit" mystery that unfolds and you'll find twists and turns that you just don't see coming. One of my favorite books I've read recently. I give it "5 stars"!