This is such a great book, it feels just like when I was eleven. I'm so excited to read the rest of the series! Lauren did such a great job looking into the teenagers mind..

Fast read with lots of whitty banter. A little predictable at times but still a good book. Definitely recommend if you like fast paced books!

I was hoping for a more intricate plot. Not the best book. Needed more plot development. Not as good as the first two books in the series.

This is a very good book. I chose it because the title lured me in. I enjoyed the story of friendship/love. I thought I had predicted te outcome, but there was a suspenseful part near the end. I would recommend this bok to my friends.

Interesting story. Kept me reading. Had a great ending. Made me read the sequels as well. They are all good books.

This is such a great book, can not wait to read the next one. Definitely take a chance with this author, she is great!

Deaver has done it again. Not going to review it--just tell you---READ! enjoy and you will get over the backwards book frustration very quickly. Great great book!

This was a really good book, I enjoyed it very much, it really kept my interest at a peak! Love

This is a quite wonderful book of Simon's Cat drawings. Although each picture acts as a stand-alone and doesn't tell a story across the pages, the coloring really turns each page into a work of art to be appreciated.

Wonderful book about the lives of horse shows and jumping. Sweet family story except for the jarring fact that this marriage with numerous darling children and a very supportive wife ended in divorce. The story about snowman dragging ropes and chains to get back to the man he loved so much was delightful. From the knacker's cart to a champion show jumper - I love it.

This is excellent for helping you in learning what essential oils can do to replace harming medications. How they are extracted. What to use for specific concerns and conditions. A great book to help you choose what oils are helpful.

This is a wonderful book from an awesome writer. I can't say that Dekker appeals to everyone, but he is a great writer with a way with words. This is a captivating story. Caution, if you start the trilogy, you will not be able to put it down till the end. Then it leaves you wanting more.

This is a wonderful book. It should be on the shelf of every person who cares about rabbits!!The stories are so beautiful that you want to cry more than once!!Don't hesitate, just order it now!!!!

This is a wonderful book and I can't wait to start trying out the recipes. Photos are outstanding. I read the magazines that have highlighted some of these extraordinary women, so I knew this was a cookbook to add to my collection.

Pretty good book. However it was way too short. Almost like a chip when you're starving. Worth reading, even if short!

Very good book. A little sketchy on some things. Otherwise very suspenseful. I didn't think I would like it.e I

Very well written instructions for creating Steampunk media. Suggested supplies and where they might be found was great. Very humorous (and a look into the creative Steampunk mind) notations on every page was a fun aspect. Would really enjoy knowing the author I think. Illustrations were very creative on every page. Wonderful book added to my library of keepers!

Great book from start to finish. I could barely put it down. It has romance, suspense and action , all in balance.

I loved this series but have to say I loved this one the most. Jack and Noah's story just tugged at my heart. So sweet! Wonderful books!

This is a great book for a beginning quilter. The instructions for making the blocks is explained completely and the pictures are good.

This was a great book and every girl from the age of 12-21 should read it. Kim is such an ordinary girl; her story could easily be any other girl's story. I was especially moved by her account of the time she ate dog food because she was so desperate from starving herself. What an illness she has, but thank god its curable. I hope anyone who reads this will get help for their eating disorder.

What a beautiful book! It pulled several emotions from me all at once! My only complaint is I wish it had been a lot longer! Please give it a try.

I love her characters. The stories are not only nice love stories, but the cast of characters that surround the main character are always fun. Thanks for another good book.

A pretty good book lots of stuff happening lost track of characters at one spot had to back up but this is life how one thing leads to other things and the ripple effect. I will read the next in the series. Thank you. Could describe the characters more so you could visualizethem.

Learned a lot of things I just didn't know and reinforced things I was fairly sure of. Great book, great advice and ideas in case it gets down to surviving when the time comes.

From the ghetto-speak style, to the cartoonish characters, and dumb "plot," this was simply not a good book. There were glimmers of potential in the writing, but it failed as IR romance, erotica and even as fluffy entertainment.

This was a really good book - one that I think I will read more than once. It seems an unlikely romance - to fall in love with someone that you don't even know (even their name) for 8 years, but it all works out and you feel as if they have a special bond. Great read!

great book about people in general & how they deal with life's issues. it also shows how quilting helps relieve stress & foster friendships.

I really wish that self-published books could be listed in a separate category. I can't even begin to list all of the errors, typos, useless verbiage, that distracts from what could otherwise be a good book. Books have editors for a reason, folks. I couldn't make it past chapter two before I was so annoyed I had to put it down.

What the flip!!!!!!! NNNOOOOOO!!!! You can't just end it like that!!!! The second book had better be on time or there will be concequences!!! Lol great book, wonderful story!!! Can't wait for the second one!!!!!!!