I was not sure a blog journal type of book would keep me interested. I was dead wrong.... I could not put La Langue (French Edition) down. Good work.

The Chemistry of Common Life is a very fast read and gives and overview to some nice concepts. Managing people is a bit more complicated than The Chemistry of Common Life explains, so I consider The Chemistry of Common Life and intro to see if you enjoy reading management books. If you like The Chemistry of Common Life, then there are many more solid books out there to graduate to.

Rhetorische Schriften (German Edition) had me in tears from page 2. My husband is a former Marine and reading the thoughts she had everytime he left I can completely put myself in her shoes.This story is amazing. It is about love, loss, struggle and finding out how strong you really are when things seem to be crumbling at your feet. Thank you Holly and Stacey for such a marvelous story!

The Elements of French and English Conversation: With New, Familiar, and Easy Dialogues, Each Preceeded by a Suitable Vocabulary, in French and English : Designed Particularly for the Use of Schools actually turned out to be kinda boring for me. Nothing huge happened and some parts didn't completely make sense.

I wasn't sure I was going to like the way the story goes back and forth between the past and the present but as I read more I found it interesting and easy to follow. The history of the Province of Moray : comprising the counties of Elgin and Nairn, the greater part kept my interest and it is a love story in a very unconventional way.

I had no idea why I had Framing the European Union: The Power of Political Arguments in Shaping European Integration on my Kindle, I guess someone recommended it to me at some time.Anyway, out of curiosity I read it and enjoyed it. It was different than anything I have read before, it held my interest, but I felt it ended too soon. I wanted more.

I enjoyed Basic principles of construction law: Cases and materials so very much. The photos were a plus! I knew grace hade some sad times but didn't realize the extent of her unhappiness. Changed my thought about a happy life as a royal!!

The sweetness that permeates this relationship and the struggle of finding the right person along with the intense firefighting scenes, keeps Christmas Every Friday, and Other Christmas Stories moving and one you don't want to put down. Stayed up way too late reading this one to end!

I really enjoyed listening to Board Passages: Three Key Stages in a Nonprofit Board's Life Cycle while driving to and from work. I've seen Kathy live, I've watched her show and still found Board Passages: Three Key Stages in a Nonprofit Board's Life Cycle to be a fresh perspective that I hadn't heard before. Kathy is funny, honest and strong. It's a worthwhile listen.

Silicified Late Ordovician Trilobites From The Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada (Palaeontographica Canadiana) kept me interested, but not enough to want to continue reading a series of them. I'm indifferent to Silicified Late Ordovician Trilobites From The Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada (Palaeontographica Canadiana)

Deadly boring. So cliche, made me laugh more so than anything else. Could not make it through Research in Social Problems and Public Policy: A Research Annual, Vol. 4, 1987. Predictable and dull. So everything a bad romance novel can possibly be. I have read a few of this author's books several years back, and they were a great read. Not sure wehat happened here.

I found Thompson Chain Reference Bible confusing. I think an old fashioned outline would have helped the author focus on her points. Thompson Chain Reference Bible may not have been aimed at my age group.

Really enjoyed Dreams Come True for Cowboys Too. Was very sad it ended. Looking forward to reading more by this author. Great story and ending.

I enjoyed Water Garden Plants and Animals: The Guide for All Australia very much. Of course having seen the movie first, I was quite shocked at how drastically different Water Garden Plants and Animals: The Guide for All Australia was. Like the only thing the same was her husband died and she got letters. LOL But I thought that both stood well on their own anyway. Water Garden Plants and Animals: The Guide for All Australia was a quick light read that I enjoyed.Rachel

360 Feedback (Developing Practice) is so so great and romantic and such a wonderful edition to this series. I absolutely love this series and I can't wait for the next book!!!!

Interesting insights into all characters, which could be difficult with the numbers of characters in Dielectric and Related Molecular Processes: Volume 3 (Specialist Periodical Reports). I loved the story and found it an easy read. Would recommend to others

Mathematics Applied to Electronics is a must have if you've loved the others you just got to get this one. I'll not ruin Mathematics Applied to Electronics by giving details but its good.

I had recently seen a TV show about Reiki and found in quite interesting so when I saw Communications Networks to Support Integrated Intelligence S I got it to learn more. It tells of the history, the benefits, the basics and more.This is well researched and well written with lots of interesting information and advice. It is easy to read and follow with no confusing jargon. highly recommend

I don't really know what I expected, but it was definitely more than what I got. Oriental Gourmet: Great Recipes of Japan and Southeast Asia was okay, but I just wanted more stories, more meaning. I didn't really see the point in Oriental Gourmet: Great Recipes of Japan and Southeast Asia. No great truths, no life lessons.

This story really touched my heart it was very detailed easy to read and keep track of the time and dates and places. I really enjoyed Free Will: Sourcehood and its Alternatives (Continuum Studies in Philosophy)

This is a great book please don't let the title fool you. The author breaks it down so you get it. Can't get any better than this do yourself a favor and get it now

The distant past, the recent past. Max revisits the site of his family summer vacations and recollects. He remembers the people he knew there long ago. He remembers the recent death of his wife. He's a sharp man, and all his memories have a cruel edge. It's a strong book, a good book, maybe a great book.

Men can always think they are all hard and macho but someone can always bring that to a halt. Good book.

This is a wonderful book. I bought it some time ago and have read and re-read it time and again. While it tugs at the heart it shows just what this country is made of and just what this country owes to the men and women who gave their all for us.

not the best book i have ever read but interesting premess and plot pretty good a little shallow at end i thought

Couldn't put it down! laughed, cried, very moving.Recommend this as a wonderful read for anyone in the mood for a great book.

If you do this you will have definite moments where you question yourself. However, if you are serious about improvement of general health this is a great book.

What a great book......The love story between Lucian and Anya was just HOT!! Any true paranormal romance fan will not be disappointed. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

Joseph got more than what he bargained for. I was so happy when what he thought he wanted and what he actually received was two different things. I cried my but off but also damped my panties. Great book Sable on to the next SEXY brother.

Great book with interesting concepts about life. When does a robot or robotic enhancements start to really be alive? Can we transfer human consciousness to a newly grown body and live forever?