Was to bad, a little boring at first not at would use expected but good book recommend to readers ,could be a little more naughty maybe good read for the price it was good.

long and drawn out but all in all a very good book with a good ending would purchase it again.

This was a great book with a wonderful story line. I've read quite a few Pride and Prejudice continuation books and this one is definitely on the top of the list.

Great book and cannot wait until I get to read it. proud to add it to my collection in military history

It has been a while since I've read his previous books but this one had me laughing out loud in the car. My only regret was that I didn't have anyone to share it with at the moment although I've since let one of my friends borrow it so that she can roll around with laughter. The best book yet. Simply fantastic. David will not let you down. Promise...

A Good book, kind of tough to not get lost at times. Great characters but a little confusing. I will read more by this author and I will probably 're-read this one...for parts I might have missed.

Nice setting and eventually I came to care about main character. She was kinda sappy in beginning but developed....or I bond. I'll buy the best book in series. I've read all of the crochet mysteries so why not knitting.

Set in the 70s, this love story blends the most significant issues at the time: the war and racism. It illustrates both conditional and unconditional love. It shows the strength that can be drawn from community. It demonstrates the innate goodness of people. It's a very good book altogether; highly recommended.

Great book! Cried through the whole thing, except when I was laughing at this naughty dog!

Has all the elements of a great book!! Love, action, drama etc! The end was a little tough to read about war and more war, but it is necessary. I learned so much about history too.

Loved it! All the passion and romance continued to show while the main characters grew up. This last book wrapped up all the loose ends through out the series and ended the story in such a beautiful way. My favorite book in the series is still Thoughtless. I loved the chase!

Another great book by a great author. Just so much love. Can't wait to read more in book 4. Love the Conrad.

Gods armor Bearer volumeso far its a good book to read i haven't finished it, but it tells how your church can be in one mind and one accord and how to support your pastor

This was very entertaining.....great book will read again....was well worth this author and the charcter..spellmans are good reading always

Excellent read! Well written with plot twist that leave you wanting more! I love how the point is made without the foul language. I passed this down to my teenage daughter to read. Good book, will look for more from this author.

I felt I came so close to the characters and their stories, and I literally sat with tears in my eyes between the chapters. What a beautiful, beautiful book. I'm speechless.

Told from the viewpoint of the girl, Scout, this story of a small-town lawyer who stands up for what is right is one of the most beautiful books ever written. Funny, haunting, sad, this is one of my favorite books; I have read it at at least five times and discovered something new and wonderful each time....

I've read all almost all the river of time series and this one is a good's not the best book but it's still a good book and a very interesting book at that.

great book, lots of fun. Piano teacher feels it's a bit advanced, but acceptable.

This was an amazing and very touching story. I really enjoyed it and hope this author continues with some of the other characters. Great book and read.

This was one of my favorite books growing up. Now I get to read it to my daughter and share the joy I had as a child

Pretty good book not his best. I'd say King should move away from his comfort zone. It's enjoyable but I don't think I'd read it again.

Great book! It has a lot of great new techniques for quilling. Highly recommended.

this might be a good book for tweens but it's pretty simplistic, the writing is not very good and if you've read much sci-fi there's not much new here. Still he gets points for completing a whole novel. I don't recommend it for grown ups.

I love autobiographies - and I think that this is a great one. Black not only talks about his life as a child - to his life as the Chaplain of the Senate - but he also covers the religious aspect of how to live our lives. He gives God the credit for where he is in life - and seems to realize that God gave it all to him - and that God can take it away. This is a very good book for people to read.

good book but a little hard to read. just ok

Very good book. A lot of real people can identity with the struggles Sherri & Kavin faced. More grace to you Rena.

I suppose if you were a young impressionable kid instead of an adult you might see why this is supposed to be such a great book.I eventually found myself skipping parts and was very relieved when I finished it.

The message is strong and clear, and it's one I think many of us need to hear. Time is truly a gift, and although we may feel the desire to work hard in our careers, make more money and succeed at what we do, at the end of the day it just doesn't matter. Great writing, great message, fantastic book! Thanks for this, Cecelia!

Another really good book. I would recommend reading. Sometimes you just cant put books down this is one of them