Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Sourcebook Kindergarten Level (Exploring Mathematics) was a surprise to me Demetrie found Sev dancing in a club in the Ghetto in a society where the rich have slaves and the slaves are better than the dregs Sev didn't fit in any of those he was unique and Demetrie was taken by his beauty. This was a great story about a boy thinking that he is not worthy of things of people being nice to him.

Especially if you just want a nice story about interesting characters. She always puts them all together and you want War in Late Antiquity to go on and on to find out what happens to them.

After reading 65 to 70 pages, McDougal Littell Math Course 3 Georgia: Notetaking Transparencies for GALT Course 3 just didn't get my attention......May be great later on but starting out was boring. Too many books out there to keep reading BORING

I haven't cried so much while reading Tamerlane and Other Poems in a very, very long time. I found myself so engrossed with the characters; their individual stories and the tragic heartbreak I felt through them. My emotions were pulled in several different directions after reading a few chapters at a time. Great book- great stories, great subjects- all were current and relatable.

Great series for those who like sexy YIn Peril Of Change: Essays Written In Time Of Tranquillity (1905)s. Characters all interesting and naughty. Girls all sweet and able to redeem the most notorious of bad boys.Entire series is great. First book a little slower than remainder.

I am not sure how to rate Learning Success: Being Your Best at College and Life. I finished it because I wanted to see how it ended, but it was way to sad for me.

The packaging is the first thing I noticed. The box is nice and provides a safe home for the cards. This is my first Lenormand deck. I have read with Tarot decks up to now and was pleasantly surprised to see the cards are wider than the tarot cards. Concepts 6e with Experiments 5e Set that comes with the deck is a good size. The artwork is beautiful and I can't wait to learn more about the deck!

Organic Phosphorus Compounds was hilarious! I loved the ironic storyline and also the fact that this could be a real person in a real situation. Our hero was so logical in his thinking, one could actually relate to his crazy rationalizations! I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. There is hope out there for everyone!

Sucks you in right away! So good! You will not regret reading Stochastic Methods in Reliability Theory! Colton is my new book boyfriend.

For anyone who's thought more than they've spoken.Operative Surgery: Head and Neck, Pt.1 about an observer who has had more pain in his life than meets the eye.

Okay. I tried to like Third World Politics: A Comparative Introduction. I really did. But I was just bored. So bored, in fact, that I gave up over half way through. I couldn't even work up the energy to go to the end of Third World Politics: A Comparative Introduction and see how it ended. Good idea, but just no execution.

This was a really good book. it's going to be interesting to see how her husband explain the 5 million dollars and how Bryce is going to explained it. can't wait for the second book.

Great book for young kids. Teaches that all living things need to poop. I think it takes the awkwardness out off potty training.

This is amazing book! It made me laugh and it made me cry. I think that this is a great book for all ages. It's short enough for little kids too.

Looks to be a good book for me as a beginner, and as I paged through I saw some interesting stitches for more advanced crocheting.

O'REILLY's account of Kennedy's years of his life is extraordinary. I didn't know the full story of the intrigues and background of absolute power surrounding the President.I marveled at O'REILLY's voice who build up the tone and energy of the killing and aftermath. I wanted more, but this was enough. Truly a great book.

Good strong characters, suspense filled pages. Great reading. Cant wait for book #2. Adventure, romance, mystery all wrapped up in one great book.

This is a great book for anyone dating right now. Jennifer breaks different relationship types per chapter. Each is filled with a description and tips through out. It is insightful but light you were talking with your girlfriend! Check this out. You will not be disappointed.

Another great book by this author. I hope to see more books in this series. The plot and total story are excellent. Thank you for another great book.

A great book, that sucks you right into the story. Heading into book two, then three. I can see this week will be taken up hidden away until I get to the end.

It was a very good book, kept you guessing who was the good guy and who wasn't. Hope to read more of his books.

Absolutely wonderful book. Any one who is curious about the POW's will feelcomplete understanding while reading. Best book I have found

This is a great book that has really given me a guide on dealing with teenagers - I do wish it were updated to help parents deal with the complexities of social media.

Her book was so very interesting that I had a hard putting it down. She writes a wonderful book and her choice of recipes at the end are great.

great book.

These where the best books. I didn't want them to end. I laughed, cried and everything in between. If there are any more please let me know. [email protected] Awesome

Hey great book I did at least help me understand Rich, cant wait until something else come out pertaing him

Great bookAbout a family in a poor economy and uneducated parents as well. As an alcoholic father and a mother who chooses to.ignore the realities of her life as well as her children's.

Oh, how I wish this story would never end. I've read so many wonderful books throughout the years and this one has to be one of the best I've ever read. It's filled with history, compassion, love, hate, greed, but most of all, the importance of family, friends and believing in each other.

This was truly one of the best books I have ever read. It was entertaining,easy is to keep up withall the characters and one never knew what would happens next. Hated for it to end!