A great story of one of rock's premier guitarists tragically killed in his prime. A very good book with an in depth look at his promising career cut short.

This was a great book. The story line was interesting and once again until the very end do you know the truth. Very hard to out down.

Love it, very good book, very good role model. Great for any female young or old. You cant go wrong with anything Audrey.

great book for someone who wants to learn ASL gives good detail and pictures to help an individual understanding about who the language is constructed.

I thought this was a good book but wish there was more closure. I also am pretty critical with grammar and noticed quite a few typos! Overall a good read. Now on to 2 other books from the same author!

Great follow up to her first book in this series. Nice book to read and escape from life. Had to purchase after getting the first one for free here on Amazon.

Lora has always been one of my favorite writers. Once again she has written another really great book. I only wish it could have been longer.

This is a great book on design patterns. Not only does it cover the theory of what each pattern is and it's respective use. It also gives very concrete examples of the proper use of each pattern in C++. I highly reccomend this to any serious programmer.

Beautifully written. The expression of the dialect of the children, combined with the adult narration is brilliant. The characters are wonderfully deep and believable, so much that I felt personally connected to the story. Very engaging and thought provoking plot. One of my favorite books ever.

This is a great little mystery for busy people. I love the characters and it even has a little bit of romance thrown in. A great book to take to bed when you just want an easy read. Will be looking for the next book for sure.

Nelson deMille always writes a good book. The panther is pertinent to what's going on right now. Once you started, you won't put it down.

great book for all ages!! love jennifer's books even though im not young adult : ) katy and daemon are great characters, very nice read!

I thought it was a great book with a great ending. It was a great series and I would definitely recommend it.

paukl addison need no introduction to those really interested in churchill . his great book churchill on the home front won him awards. he continues here a tradition of excellence.

Several friends told me to read it. Two of them said it was the best book they had ever read. It just didn't work for me. More of a teenager's book than an adult book. I didn't like the way Death wrote the story and kept giving away what was coming up. It took the suspense out of it. Not a favourite for me but recognise much loved by others so it must be personal choice.

Wow this is a really great book it is only the beginning so of course it is only going to get better and if it does it we be the greatest yet that I have read. So on to the next book. This is a great book.

Was a great book from start to finish.Not a dull moment.Kept me in and very interested right from the start with a few good twists and turns along the way.

So many wonderful in-depth reviews and analysis of this fine book, that I really can't add more. I'll just say that this is a tale to be read, loved, enjoyed, savored, discussed, and remembered. I was alternately amused, saddened, horrified and entertained. Pi is simply a beautiful book.

I just love the King books and Griffen and Nicole's story is no exception. I've read all of them and I couldn't tell you which one is my favorite.Great book and really GREAT author.

Another good book. Would recommend it. Looking for more from this author. love reading books on my kindle. hate doing these reviews.

This was a very good book ,that I couldn't put down . I read it while enjoying my lunch at the mall in the town that I currently live in .

Shame on you for leaving me hanging! Great book...I'm going to smack Peter...You keep throwing curve balls...just when I think I got it pegged you throw me for a loop. Thanks for keeping it real and not "sugar coating" write like the world really is (as far as the bad people go). Great great book.

Alls I can say is WOW! I just finished reading this right now and I had to come here and tell you this is one Great book. I have liked all of her books that I have read but I really really like this one. I recomend this to anyone who likes a good book. Thanks for letting me read it R.G.Lori

I really enjoyed the great story in this great book. I could not put it down till I finished reading it.Thank you so very much for writing it.

A great book with some unique patterns. These will also serve as very wearable items. Good for my knitting library.

Interesting insight into the lifestyle of an outlaw biker. Surprise ending to say the least. Not the best book that I have ever read,but we'll worth the price.

This was a wonderful book filled with love, suspense, action and God's power! The characters are endearing and believable. A fast read and well worth the time. This would make a wonderful movie. Hoping to see a sequel.

This is a good book for people who are learning about themselves and want to find out more qualities thy can put into place to make them a stronger person. It was a quick read and had a few interesting points, but most of it was not new to me personally. Anyway, good if youre new to it.

The funny thing is, I have read all other Vietnam books except this one. Now that I have finally read it, I have finished the while series. If I weren't of to read the other books in the series and just read this one, I would definitely read the other Vietnam books! This is a very great book and interesting! Anyone looking to get a new book to read, this is a must read!!

This is a great book full of action in a war that you could not even talk about for 20 years