Great book. Lots of lessons to be learned wrapped in a wonderful romantic story. Looking forward to reading to follow up.

this was a good and fairly quick read. Nice book to sit down with and get thru in under 3 hours (with minimal interruptions). Love the realistic animal activities. The relationship was a give and easy to see playing out, but it was still fun to read it.

Great book for those who love crime and mysteries. I am enjoying reading authors I haven't read before now that I have a Kindle.

A good book and enjoyable read. There is a certain magic to it that the newer stuff can't always compare with, especially when books feel like they've been written solely to go to the big screen.Enjoyed it!

It was a really good book, however I would suggest reading to have and to code first so you can see how Nell and Daniel meet. I have definitely found another author on my must read list.

Good book. Well told. Good ending. I liked the characters. Easy to follow. I would read this author again. I will buy more of his books.

This was such a great book, I absolutely didn't want it to end! Filled with Jen's usual humor and wit it had me giggling the entire time!

This is a very interesting and enjoyable book that I would highly recommend. I looked forward to the time I would be able to continue reading it each day, and it did not disappoint. Found the inclusion of an awareness of God's role in the lives of the characters very appealing. Great book!

Wonderful book ~ even in the spring time! It's refreshing and enjoyable whether your knit or "knot" ;) Highly recommend! I purchased book used which arrived in almost new condition for an eighth of the price!

this was so good its a great short read. interesting storyline&great characters. definately a great book and series it starts off with paige forrester at wonderland when her improv turns into what not to wear paige gets a chance to do a reality t.v. show about fashion. erin paiges sister tells the story and is pretty much the exact oppisite of paige

Great book, steamy but realistic. This is a new author for me and I really enjoyed her book. The author did a great job with the plot making it beliveable and suspenseful. Definite recommendation. I will be on the lookout for more.

This was a nice book, not terribly exciting but certainly not boring. I did like how the author moved effortlessly from past to present and with smooth writing skills. The characters were well described and drew you into their world. I wish it had more thriller and less sap. I figured out the twists too early and too easily, but still enjoyed being drawn into the era and that area of the country.

Great book very unique I would suggest anyone to read it she has a great perspective more books by this author would b great

I really enjoyed this story, especially the author's focus on the character development instead of just nothing but sex. A good book worth reading again and again!

Wonderful book! I am hooked on Preston/child's books. Pendergast is my hero! And the next book, Book of the Dead, is even better!

This was one of the best books I've ever read! The way Ral takes care of his woman is soo romantic, I definitely wish I was in her shoes. Excellent read, definitely worth the money.

This is a very beautiful book for children who already can read, also parents can read it for younger kids. Very nice story, beautiful illustrations. Good for bedtime or any other time for fun read.

it held your attention trying to figure out who did it. would recommend to anyone who enjoys a mystery. good book for a stormy day.

very good book! lots of information not only on the buffalo themselves but the rifles they used the hunter too.A good book on the west the way it was bfore it was spoiled,,good accounts on how hides were delt with and the heards where they were.

Full of suspense, a great book that is hard to put down, very well written and the characters are believable

Loved all the photos and books layout .Would've liked a more detail on each oscar winner and movie. It's a nice book anyway . Not meant to be much more than a coffee table book.

If you want to have a scriptural understanding of what worship is and is not then this a good book. Music worship in today's contemporary world needs a little reining in.

Although a good book , it is long winded by the author , seems British authors have to tell you everything in every detail so they can write a story. Still a good read and interesting people !

This was a good book and the start of a pretty good series. Entertaining and had you hoping each bride found what happiness in the end.

About the best book on hypnotherapy I've read. I highly recommend this one to anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of our minds and emotions.

The author brings the characters in his books to life. It is hard to put these books down. I really like the way he really brings you into the action. Great book!

A great book. Somewhat superseded by later works, but still great. A must read. Buy it. I highly recommend it.

This is a great book for the people who wants to become a entrepreneur applying leadership principles, this is a good companion to the EntreLeadership simulcast.

Good book. Interesting story. Hits all the emotions and still remains classy. Without giving away the story I would recommend this to the female sector.

This is one of Mason's best.The storyline was awesome and built to a high point as it progressed.........The hero,sexy,brave and tough as nails made this one wonderful book to read.