Very good books! And unpredictable! They were very easy to follow and kept me interested the whole time. I have a lot of respect for the people in these books especially Skylar, being so young and having to deal with her mom and now possibly herself, I couldn't imagine. I can't wait to read more from these characters and this author!!

Great book couldn't but it down. I can't wait until the next one is out. Love love love it! Amazing!

this was a really good book. It will really hold your interest. check out her other books. She writes under different names.

This was a good book. I can't stand to see somebody so low down and Pam was a new kind of low down. Don't want to give too much away but family can be your own enemy.

This was a wonderful story. A true love that fights all the odds... a must shows no limits.. great great book

This is a great book its a mystery and a love story all in one. I would recommend this for anyone who loves a good romance.

Finished re-reading this tonight, with a friend. It remains among my favorite books and I am looking forward to the movie.It is not a perfect book but it is a perfect story with an unforgettable character. Fitzgerald is a master and Gatsby may be his best showcase.Reading aloud is something we should rescue from middle school classrooms. It goes good with wine and friends.

Great book, loved the true to heart horror movie references and mystery wrapped together. Kept you guessing until the end, was a great book for my long commute!

Great book, good reference guide to plants that I have in my garden now. Also great guide for plants or supplements I may get from store or grow at home.. easy to read and use

Not a new book but recently republished for America's great need of understanding what our history truly means. Not only is the address itself moving but the accompanying pictures chosen by the author are perfect. A great book for families, and perhaps for children who live in a world wracked by war.

A great book about a woman's journey into adulthood, marriage, and motherhood. Candid and funny she talks about life and parenthood, but still has her dream of being a secret agent. I'll definitely read more from this author.

This was a wonderful book. Nice easy reading & hard to put down. I loved the characters & the storyline.

I love entrepreneurship and it's really nice to see someone talk passionately about different ways to combine your favorite pastimes into money-making activities...something absolutely everyone should try their hand at.I would highly recommend this ebook for the cool ideas you'll come across that could end up making you some extra money (while having fun). Great book.

A very good book well worth the time a little fuzzy at the end but i really like his characters.

This is one of the best books I have read. Wish that there were more books by this author...

I really enjoyed how it wasn't completely predictable.Several unexpected developments kept you wondering as the story progressed.I also really liked how the author approached they way God might be using thosemultiple story lines to help the character grow in her faith.Great book.

Great book by a great author. Definitely worth the read, from beginning to fantastic ending, it keeps you engrossed in the story.

Best book I read in 2013. Loved it!!! 5 stars isn't enough for this beautiful story. You need to read it!

This is a really great book. It has beautiful pictures of Freddie and lots of information on the greatest entertainer of all time. It looks good in my collection, that's for sure.

This was the very very very very very very very very very very best book ever! I loved it it is awesome.

Great book and very much inspiring! If a person, especially a little girl can overcome so much anyone can do anything!

This is a good book but it wasn't one that got me hooked into the story. It took me a few days to read.The storyline was good, very well written and a little different from what I would usually read but it was good. If you like this kind of books you might like it.

Really nice book. It is definitely appealing for teens and easy to read. I even bought the Youcat prayer book and the study guide.

Almost couldn't put it down.How I rate books:5 stars - amazing, can't wait for the sequel, I will buy a copy if I don't own it4 stars - solid, good book, might even read again someday3 stars - okay but not my style, or it didn't live up to the hype2 stars - not good, issues with writing or story or both1 star - surprised I finished it, a disappointment, it should fall off the earth

Page for page, Dart and the Squirrels is a charming attention-grabber that children will love. This would be a great book to read at afternoon story time with a group of kids.

I am so angry with how this ended! Such good books and they could've been even better with a different ending. I want a different ending to be written!

The author provides real management / employee situations, explaining how the situation could be handled and how to discuss it with the employee. Great book!

This guy has some good idea but takes it over the edge with advice. He tries to cram a lot of info in every subject. Instead of spacing it out. Still a good book, though.

It was a very good book I enjoyed it a lot and I hope there is more to come and it doesn't take too long

Book is so helpful, detailed and got something for everyone, I live in the Philippines and had to purchase it thru Amazon all the way the States, but it was totally worth it, will always keep it and go back to it as my text reference, thank Martin, great book :)