A good book, but no new insights or information on the Babe. I thought they should have had a epilogue explaining his historical impact on the game of baseball

This was a great book to read with my 5 year old, she looked forward to a new chapter each night.

Great book! Good plot and character development. Flows well with the series. Would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys werewolf romance!

great book

rosetta and fawn decide to each spend a day doing the things that make the other happy so on rosettas day they do fancy, girlie stuff and on fawns day they do outdoorsy stuff its really hard for rosetta but she does well good book

This is a fantastic book in helping open one's eyes to the value all people have, esp. if we look at them beyond ourselves. And..with the eyes of God.

This is a great book, I usually dong write revues but this time I needed to write this one. I'm so shocked to how it ended ... Now I'm waiting on 2 .

this was a great book. I can't wait to read more from this author. I could not put it down. buy it now!!!

I was just reading this for fun, but after a few chapters I got addicted. I kept reading forgot to eat even. This is such a nice book, the words makes a picture in your mind. So going to buy the second and third book!

I bought the softcover edition years ago. Read and re read. Wanted the kindle version for easy access. A wonderful book to read in quick snips

Very good book. I,ve only read this one and the first. Now I will have to get the rest of the series.

I loved Tails of Recovery: Addicts and the Pets That Love Them! Melanie is absolutely hilarious. As a mom and a wife, I could relate to this entire book - and laugh my head off as I did!

I like this cookbook. I always want to try vegan and vegetarian cooking. I tried some menus in Three Complete Novels (Dark Rivers of the Heart / Sole Survivor / Intensity) and I love them. The ingredients and instructions are clear and easy to follow the step. Thank you very much.

This a great childrens book. The illustrations are fantastic and the rhyming story scheme is clever and descriptive. Mediterranean by Cruise Ship is enjoyable for me to read and made a great chapter book to read to my 20 month oldbefore bed. I will be looking into other of Graeme's work...

I read AIDS Education: Teachers Guide as a novel rather than as a historical document, and I found the author's portrayal of the cold, fear and violence in the eastern front very moving and realistic. I definitely recommend it, although it feels like it drags a little near the end, and I would've liked to have more about the author's post-war experiences as a Frenchman who fought for the Germans.

I choose this rating for Everyday Psychiatry cause you really need to make hard chooses in life. You can really feel connections with Everyday Psychiatry. It makes you think a lot about life.

There is nothing more sexy than reading 35 Amazing Games For Your Commodore 64 from a man's pov. I am totally in love with Drew and his comical thinking. So sexy and charming. This is a must read!

after reading the first half of Enthalpies in Alloys: Miedema's Semi-Empirical Model (Materials Science Foundations,) I wanted to cry my heart out. but after reading the other half my tears faded and my lips curled into one big happy smile. the author is an amazing writer and I love how she included their relationship over nearly 6 years. it's a beautiful series and I recommend it for drama lovers or romance lovers for it has both.

This is a fun read, with a simple message of taking action towards goals. I bought Faith and Knowledge (English and German Edition), then when I bought a Kindle, I looked for it to download and keep as a reference to keep handy and re-read for moments I feel myself sliding back towards old habits.

There are a few improbable plot twists in Ireland Map that stretch the reader's credulity a bit, but suspending disbelief is frequently necessary when reading novels. I found the characters interesting, the banter witty, and the writing very good.All in all, a fun read.

A very nice book for babies. There is a little boy I know who will love Computer Access Control. He loves vehicles and this is a good book for him. It will be for his birthday in addition to other items.

I had a little trouble in the starting of By This Fire #1 book #2 had me spell bound!! I read in a few hours,couldn't stop....waiting on book #3 ,I check everyday to see if it's been released...the ending has you reeling to find out what happens next!!!

What do you get for your knitter friend with the slightly twisted sense of humor? Get her In the Company of Others. I gave this to my friend for Christmas and she loved it!

Electroanalytical Chemistry: A Series Of Advances: Volume 21 was pretty good. Did it follow up to its expectations? Well, that sort of depends on the person we are talking about. I personally liked it, but did not get five stars since it was not as attractive than the other ones. I was not captured like the other ones, but a good thing is, I couldn't put it down. Starting Electroanalytical Chemistry: A Series Of Advances: Volume 21 is a little slow, but after that, it gets better.

I reviewed King James Compact Reference Bible: With Snap-Flap Closing before giving it to my grandchildren. It's a very good introduction to science fiction. I myself look forward to reading the next two.

I haven't had a chance to try all the recipes yet, but the ones I have made are delicious! I've been having a couple of juices and smoothies every day and I'm noticing that my skin is glowing, I have a lot more energy, and my clothes are fitting better. Really enjoying Stephen King's The Stand Vol. 1: Captain Trips and am happy to recommend it!

Wow,I loved Lent and Easter Wisdom From St. Ignatius of Loyola (Lent & Easter Wisdom),just finished reading book two OMG I fell in love with him the passion the loved.

Because of the some of the reviews I was ready to not like Ball Pythons (Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's Guide). I even skipped some of the chapters. I even threw Ball Pythons (Reptile and Amphibian Keeper's Guide) in the cloud. But it was too good to do that. I downloaded it again and started from the start. It is an excellent story. Really good. Characters are real with real shortcomings. But hey, that is life. And it has happy end. I like happy ends.

This is an excellent book for the first-time cook and the intermediate cook. The explanations are clear and the pictures show step by step exactly how to prepare the recipe. You can't miss with Microsoft Mail for Windows.

I really enjoyed A Very Special Birthday, and didn't want it to end. Looking forward to reading the next book of this story.