Fantastic book--rich, complex, wonderful characters, great writing. I'm looking forward to reading Wilson's other books.

It had some happy parts and the end was very sad. It was a great book and some secrets and desitions were made that were bad and good

Great book very readable, to the point and very challenging. Loved the illustrations and arguments. Great concept and well written.

This was a great book. Well written with an interesting plot and surprising ending. Liked this and the first book in the series.

Great book. Third time reading it. Just bought the sequel. Highly recommend to all those wanting insight into the experiences of a Huey pilot during the 65-66 time period.

This was my first book of the Bluewater series. I enjoyed the character's, if you are a sailor and like the Caribbean it is even more entertaining. A good book for the beach, the bad guys have quirky personalities and that adds to the fun.

Not hard core, just a fun read. A nice book for young teens and those of us that need a break.

This is a great book and series. It came in great shape and we would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to read good stories with out bad language

Really nice book, short and sweet. Much gorier than the movie and is really more about the human condition than zombies, not to be cliche. Really enjoyable read though while I'm waiting for the DVD to come out.

This is a great book for showing one way of managing anger. I recommend it for preschool through grade 1 children.

Very good book. I found it very helpful.

What can I say about Patterson, this is going to be a good book, the suspense is to die for.

great book with lots pf surprises, made me laugh felt like I knew the people was good to read a happy ending

I really loved this great story in this great book. I could not put it down till I finished reading the whole story. It is areally very interesting story.Thank you so very much for writing it.

This is a wonderful book that applies to many religions. I loved the bible quotes, extremely appropriate for what is happening to out heroine. Although young, she is faced with many real life challenges many of us would face during the course of our lives. Can't wait to read the next one, starting tonight!!

Just as good as the last three this one might be my favorite one though. I found a couple mistakes but it's a great book!

Each of the stories are wonderful on their own however together they make a wonderful series.But on its own this was my favorite book.

This is a great book but I ended up not needing it for a Christmas present so I returned it.

Good book, fun read for my ride to and from work. I wouldn't mind more stories about some of the characters missions and less about their personal problems/relationships.

This is a great book about love and death, betrayal and forgiveness......about breaking down the walls that separate us, and finding truth in a dubious world.ALitho ugh I found some of the descriptions repetitious, the perspective is unique, and keeps your interest.

One of the best books ever writen. This story takes you from the beging of a child's life to his adult hood where he is caring for his elderly mother. What a great family tradition!

The paleo diet is an interesting way to lose weight, I started to try it because I'm looking to put more muscle in me with less fat. This diet is very good since It provides also stamina and a healthy mind and body. This is a really good book for a cheap price. I recommend it.

This has to be one of the best books I have read in a long time. I could not put it down. Great story and well written.

Very good book for somebody interesting by the condition of Jewish immigrants in NYC in the 1920s. Life was tough for a young woman who disagreed with her rabi father.

Great book if you are interested in individual characters, not so much of a story, with a plot. Also the overseas portion was interesting as well.

fantastic book. received on time and in perfect condition. was extremely pleased with the purchase and entire process. would definitely purchase similar books from this author.

I'm too old and not flexible enough to take on an old man like this sugar daddy. Would have loved to be his years ago! Couldn't keep up with him now! Great book for many reasons. The look into the world of fashion was interesting, too.

This was great book. Enjoyed it from beginning to end would recommend it to any one. Couldn't put it down

This was a really good book. I loved the storyline and how it made you think. Sometimes we do need to just stop and think about what we really want in life and then go for it. I loved that the author included an epilogue too.

well Amazon readers this is an very good book.i was luckey to get an advance copy,and i just finish.i was up all night i have others books i need to read,very well written book.pick up u well enjoy it.funny i've been done and i'm still thinking about this story.