My favorite book in a VERY long time. It's wonderfully romantic, completely clean and very well written. Recommend to all who have a bit of the romantic in them.

Good book, historically correct but still fiction. It's one of those what if books that spin a story that's hard to put down. I like learning my history this way.

Great book, full of great of stories. I will create a playlist with the suggested songs to hear how the album will sound

This was such a great book. I found all of the characters to be original and intriguing. I wish some Hollywood entity would snatch it up and make a movie out of it. Kudos to the author!! I can't wait for the next installment.

Very good book and I had to buy the second book because of how well written this was and the author makes you feel all the twists and turns. Well written.

This is a good book for an overview of the country, but then you'll need something else that will focus on the particular area or city you will be visiting.

Extremely interesting. Americans who have affected change who are not necessarily famous or well known. Good book to have handy to use as a reference.

I really enjoyed Four more when he wasn't interacting with Tris, since he didn't really know her then. I liked seeing him learn to become Dauntless and even continue to struggle as he was ranked highest. This was my favorite book of the four.

I enjoyed this novel, and it held my attention throughout. Another good book by this author. I would recommend reading it.

This was a really good book, good story, well written. Took quite a while to figure out who did it! I would buy more of her books.

mrs. frisby and the rats of nimih is the best book you will ever read!this story is funny,adventureous and great and easy to read! it is about a widow named mrs frisby going on a dangerous mssion to save her son timothy.she has to save him because the plow is coming and her son timothy is to sick to go outside because if he does go ouside he will die from must read this boook!

This is a nice book but not the one I was expecting as I mentioned in the review for the Disney version of Tangled. I guess the olderversion, larger and nicer, is not cost-effective anymore ?

My 9 yr old granddaughter read one of these books and was fascinated by the stories. As an animal lover, she requested copies of the rest of the series for Christmas. Very nice books!

This is a wonderful book. Purchased and read it in one day, could not put it down. As always, extremely well written.Would recommend to everyone!

This is a very good book! He goes into great detail on things that I would not have thought of. This is a must have for every investor!

This is a great book! It was a great read from start to finish, although the last five chapters or so really get your heart racing. One of the best thrillers I've read!

This is a great book for anyone looking to get in shape or continue their progress and cross fit training is the best way to do it. It goes into detail about the exercises that can be done and breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand and more importantly easy to implement right away. Recommended!

Great book for beginners - llove all the pictures of the various poses. I wish I had, had something like this when I started more than 10 years ago...

A great book for the bus ride. Entertaining and fun, surprisingly unpredictable, and an interseting view into the lives of Slayers'-past and the inner workings of the Watcher's Council. Definitely recommended for Spike and Dru fans. A nice bit of fluff.

This is a great book for the beach or a long airline flight. Funny and well written, nary a brow will wrinkle in its reading, but chuckles will abound. It has to be one of the few books out there that features a porcine catalyst.

This is a really good book. The story is the same as it's name with a few unexpected twist. Love is love before you realize it.

This was a good book. It gives you little of everything without the Author going overboard to get the story out. Can't wait to read part 2 cause I have to find out what happened

Lots of good stories of things that happen during jr's career. Good book for hockey fans. Good stocking stuffer for the hockey fan in your life.

This is a great book! I don't want to give any spoilers but basically the main character has to follow in his big brothers footsteps and learn how to fight zombies in order to keep their town safe.It's a well written novel that made me want to read the next ones in the series right away. They are really good books and I would recommends them for anyone who is a zombie or apocalypse lover.

It was a very good book from the beginning to the end. I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys suspense f the beginning to the end.

Would have been a five star if the author had used someone to proofread her book. She trusted spellcheck, which never corrects you for your. While this is distracting, it is not overwhelming. The abbreviations are irritating, but consistent. The ideas, humor, and wit made it a good book, and a cleaning system that I will try in my house.

Not the best book I chose. The series is kind of cool where you follow the characters. Your choice all or nothing

Sooooo funny! I actually laughed out loud - rare for me - lol .. Is very well written and actually gives a lot of insight to television, stars, famous people, and what really goes on out there. Good book! Just gives your brain a lighter edge for a minute.

The author does a very nice job of explaining all of the Chakras, where they are located and what to do to activate them. This is a very good book for anyone who is interested in learning the basics about the Chakras and primary information about what they are and how they are instrumental in a balanced and healed life.

Wonderful book of a wonderful life. Her devotion to duty is to be admired. Although the devotion had made her seem remote from her children and her subjects. I think that she is probably a warn kind woman, who is so dedicated to the realm that her time, even at 88 is busy.