This author knows his stuff. He writes the best books on how to sell that I have ever read. He tells it like it is but does not suggest you break the law or irritate your clients.

It's the kind of things we wish didn't happen but do and pretending it doesn't exist wont make it go away. Acctually the more we know about it and the more we speak about it the the more we can prevent it. Well written. Good book. Read it. Share it.

I don't know if this is a good book for beginner's, but I learned to tat from my grandmother a millinium ago, and this is a great refresher to allow me to pick it up.

A great book, telling the difference between ethics and morality and explaining both in an easy to understand way. Highlighting key issues we face today and helping the reader work out how to apply biblical truth and learn about how Christians should view and build their ethics.

Not the best book I ever read, but a decent listen on long card rides. The characters are interesting and the story-line keep you engaged.

So anyone who has read any of my reviews knows I hate cliffhangers. This one wasn't horrible and I absolutely loved the story! I can't wait to get the second one and continue. :) Great, great book. It wasn't a squealer but it made me cry and laugh.

What a fantastic book. Really out there and makes you think there could be more than we see and or experience in our lives.

This is a very good book, loved the characters and the plot is new and imaginative. Can't wait to start the next one. I haven't decided if I'll wait for it to be free or buy it. I read faster than one book a month I'm afraid. I highly recommend this to lovers of zombie type books.

What a wonderful book! Photographs are beautifully done, and a great selection of authentic recipes too. Would highly recommend this!

This was fantastic! I couldn't even put it down! I am a huuge Goosebumps fan. One of the best books. I recommend it to anybody, even those who are not into horror stories. You will be amazed by this!

This is a great book to sit and read...would reread it over and over again. glad I got it and glad I read it.

This was a really great book. It just ended too soon. Can't wait for the next one in the series.

For whom like some good irreality, this is a fantastic book. It gave me some good timeHighly recomended

This is an exceptionally good book! My grandson loves it. It is especially good for children who have inquiring minds. I liked the part about perspective drawing, as it gives easily understood basic instruction.

This was my favorite book in the Beautiful series. Hannah and Will are so fun and sexy. I love the combination of Hannah's innocence with how she completely speaks what she is thinking. I thought this was fantastic.

I loved this trilogy. Sometimes a walk on the beach and a chance meeting can change two people's lives. This was a beautiful love story about two people having to overcome outside obstacles and being willing to listen. I loved these three books and hated to see it end. When you read a story that keeps you captivated and you feel so many emotions, you know that you have read a good book.

Bought this one as a gift and my little brother loved it... It's a very sweet story and is a good book for children.

This is too good. Kevina great writing. Amanda and Jamal deserve each other. Kelisha is only friend she has, you can't take her away. Put her in a coma at least. Liyah need to be stronger and with a vengeance in the next book. Jamal needs some serious help. Great book can't wait for part 2.

The story line was wonderful, and definitely kept you interested. It was well written and full of romance and suspense. If you enjoy reading a good book, then this should be at the top of your list.

great book. we have all the "dinosaur" books and this one is great as well.

This is my new favorite. Since I purchased it, I have scarcely used another cookbook. It is a wonderful teacher of techniques and offers a dozen or so variations for each topic. A great book!

This is a fantastic book It gives you the questions you will be asked and includes a CD i sure wish they had these kinds of books when I was in school It is easy to read and easy to locate areas where you feel you may need more help Definitely worth it

So steeped in the army that it made me consider joining up. But overall, a really good book. It could use some fleshing out and better editing but still good and sweet.

I enjoy this author and this was another great book in her sister series with new women as heores and paranormal mystery abd adventure.

Hot steamy love. Lots of laughs some crying some suspense. Keeps you reading and wanting more cant put it down great book

This is a fantastic book It gives you the questions you will be asked and includes a CD i sure wish they had these kinds of books when I was in school It is easy to read and easy to locate areas where you feel you may need more help Definitely worth it

And a great story line too! Its rhyming keeps kids entertained while you read to them. It will keep kid's attention while reading to them. I also think this would be a great book for kids learning how to read.

This was a great book. Very touching. Makes you appreciate life more and more each day. Would recommend to anyone!

A good book about mindful meditation. Easy to understand with great examples. I love how she chooses to write about herself and shares her difficulties with mindfulness.

A famous edition of an old standard for stats and I gave this to someone as a gift but knew of it and was told by him that it is still one of the best books on the subject matter.