Great book for an adult to read. Loved the story line and it was an easy read. Highly recommended read.

A must read you will have tears running down your cheeks from laughing grandma nadine is so funny a real feel good book so worth 1 clicking.

This is one of the best books I've picked up in ages. If you like Sci fi, grab it!Make sure you have at least a whole day free though!

This is a good book... has a great story.. can cause you to get lost at times because it says she instead of he or him in a lot of areas... I did find myself lost and having to go back a lot to reread to know which person it was talking about... the story line is real good though... I love how Imani is quiet but deadly... Sassy is wrong on so many levels... I cant wait for part 2...

Good book. Characters were well developed, both human and alien. The land and the characters were easily envisioned and very detailed.

I love the Reacher character. I can easily spend a whole afternoon enjoying his exploits. He is wonderful and captivating. This is an absolutely wonderful book.

Not a great book but a good one. Book was crudely wrote and he needs to come up with a different favorite word. His idea was one we have heard but it doesn't hurt to have it confirmed once in awhile.

Great book! Have given it to many of my friends! Really like the simple format and ease of reading. Have gotten great results with several dogs!!!!

this was a great book and I enjoyed reading about Joan. It actually was sad that she had married some famous men but they didn't treat her well and she didn't have a relationship as successful as her career. I like to watch her in just about any movie!

One of the best books I have ever read. It's basically like the yearling made more applicable to a modern audience. Read it. Now.

Great book with lots of twists and turns! Can't wait for her new book, so I can see what happens between her and Ryan!

Really good book to read. Enjoyed the story. Would like others like this one. This was worth the money I spent.

Has a great selection of recipes I would never have thought of or seen in other cookbooks. I'm a really lazy cook so learning to use the slow cooker is a must for me! The recipes are fairly simple but I would have like a little more detail in the cooking process as I need all the help I can get! Apart from that I found it to be a great book, hence the four stars.

Good book that will keep your attention and make you wonder what's on the next page for sure. I was mad that I had to pay for the sequel.

What a great book LOVE and drama all in one. Lindsey and Trace fell for one another without trying to but then it happened and things came out great. They had to work though,a few,things before they really work out somethings but we're stronger together than apart. Great book.

This is a good book to read. better than the movie. bought the other 3 books to complete the collection

Wonderful book. The salads combine interesting ingredients and are not only tasty but good for you. I look forward to using it all year round/

One of my mom's favorite books.We tried everywhere to find it, not even in libraries, my motto if Amazon doesn't have itit is no more. I found it, bought it and sent it to her. One happy lady and a happy daughter

Great book, my second time around reading it. I would recommend this beautiful love story. Romance, jealousy and I can't live without you kind of book.

Great book. Enjoyed every minute of it. It kept me interested so much I never put it down. Would enjoy reading more Linda's books.

It was a really good book to read. This is my first time reading books from this Arthur, and I was pretty impressed. It was deff a page turner for me. I would recommend these series.

What a wonderful book. I love having the translation right next to each other. Would highly recommend if these are the version of the Bible you like.

One of my all time favorite books, if not my favorite. I already had a copy which was part of a box set and didn't want my husband messing up the pages, so I bought him his own. Now he can do whatever he wants to it. This is an amazing book which everyone should read at least once. Arrived on time and as described. highly recommend.

this is the best book i hav ever read better then percy jackson but at the same time it is!!! but thare was not unuf romans thay dident even kiss!!! but rick riordan can write varry good romantic parts if he wonts to but the boy never makse the first moov

This story was awesome. I have already read it twice. It's not all about zombies, but it still has plenty of them. It's love and family, even car crashes. This is a great book, I recommend it to any age.

I have read a lot of Jackie's books. This one is up there as one of my faves.Fast paced, believable characters, good plot & makes you think.I loved it from page 1 to the last page. Great book & a quick read!!!

This was bought as a gift for my wife as she is a dog lover. She thoroughly enjoyed it.Good book

I was impress with this Author, first book I read and I couldn't put it down. It had a steady plot to follow, it will keep you interested cause you want to know what know what is going to happen next. Great book

Well written and full of unlikely turns that surprise the reader but are very believable. A good book to pick up on a rainy day

Good books are difficult to find and this is clearly one of the best !!!!! Read it and you will enjoy it !