What can I say this is one of the best books I have read this year. It really got to me in all aspects. Excellent and highly recommended.

I didnot think this was one of her best books. Lately she goes over the same information again an again. I look forward to some new input

A very good book. I recommend it to any body who enjoys this kind of book. So get it and enjoy reading it.

Great book as usual. I love all of her books. Haven't found one I don't like yet. I think you will like this.

what a great novel. I enjoyed the development of the inner conflict and coming to terms with who you true self really is - that dark self that only you can discover through such a historical journey. the relationships that each character manages to develop is great. As a first generation immigrant myself I can relate to a lot of the struggles and epiphanies as well. great author great book!

If you want to know the truth why men get paid more this is a great book to read.

Good book would recommend to anyone. I really enjoyed it. I love to read these books on my kindle. Can't wait to get my next one

Not as fast reading as some of his other books...kinda disappointed, but still a good bookBest author. Love his books...

This was a very good book. The way adoption was done long ago is amazing why would that work and the abuse also wow never would of imagined . I really thought they may set up a home and take more children. It was all good in the end

I am waiting with baited breath for #13! These are great books!

This is by far one of my most favorite books. I laughed out loud all the way through it.

Great book!! Couldn't put it down. The year was supposed to be 2096, but could have been any year. Danger, espionage, love all in one book!

This story got to the deepest of my heart. I felt every second, every emotion intensely!!! It is an emotional roller coaster. One of the best book that I've read so far!!!. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel completely in love...

Very good book explaining how the legion trains and functions in todays world - a first class regiment with a long and exciting history

Concur with what other writers said-great book generally-but yet another cliffhanger. And looks like setup for another 3 books worth at least.

Despite the comment by J Stonebraker, who could quite possibly be a complete idiot, this is a great book. Yes, it is a work of historical fiction, but it is an incredibly detailed, beautifully executed work of fiction.

This is a good book that seems to have needed a few chapters earlier. I would not purchase again however..

This was a really good book. Easy to read and quick. I would have liked for it to have more love scenes as her usual books would have BUT i still enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

One of Joyce's best books yet. Even when we learn to forgive it is sometimes hardest to forgive ourselves. Joyce's words are so true and can be used in everyday living. Live with joy in your heart, not guilt. Ask for forgiveness and receive. Great book.

My granddaughter considers this her favorite book.. She is 2 1/2 years old. It is very sturdy and good for her small hands...

It was a good book and it was very entertaining. I liked the characters and the story. Enjoyed it on a snow day.

This is a good book, it is a long book, but it is very entertaining throughout.

As always this was a good book. I enjoy reading her books and look forward reading more. I would recommend it them to others to read.

A wonderful book that should be at the top of every readers list! Enjoyed the actions that were displayed throughout, perfect ending.

It's such a good book that you can't put it down. Keeps your attention throughout the whole book. Loved it.

This truly was a wonderful book! I had never heard about the meaning of the poinsetta as was told in this story! Loved it!

This was a good book, well written, but hard to follow. I enjoy history and learned some things biut I want to read this again to see if I missed anything

good book shows important to just be honest with parents and to do make up homework and not put it off. otherwise just get into a deeper mess.

This is a good book if you choose the HCG weight loss plan. It's very regimented and I do not recommend it if you cannot stick with it because you will gain back the weight quickly if you cheat and even if you go off the plan without doing the maintenance.

Once in a while if you read enough you are rewarded with a wonderful book. Although sad at times there are too many wonderful moments. I am always astonished that an author can write a really good book about a really terrible time in our history. I look forward to reading more books and trying to find an other wonderful book.