As usual a great book, love the action romance and great banter as always a terrific book can alway count on these to be good

This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It is clean, funny and good. I enjoyed it so much I bought the next book of hers and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Good book and a must have.Great recipes for the cooker.Easy recipes an have all the ingredients we use daily.

What a wonderful book. I have read a lot of books on the Holocaust, and this is one of the best. Highly recommend for all.

hey this was a great book i finished it in one night. want to read more of her stories. never knew what kind of trouble was around the next corner. I reallyu didnt know how it was gonna end happy or sad.

Well this is my first Sparks book I have ever read and I am a true fan of his now. I love how he just grabs you and pulls you into his life and his family with this wonderful book. It has alot of drama and tragedy but it is a great book and I highly recommend it and I am now buying more of his books just because I loved this one.

This is a wonderful book. It is clearly written. Like many young adult books, it is excellent for adults who want to learn from a story well-told.

Exciting, thrilling, full of action and the "other worldly"! The story line was very relevant and the fast paced action packed investigation was riveting. The characters were a bonus as each personality was revealed. Best book in this genre I have read!

This was one of my favorite books. Everyone is right it does choke you up when you get into it.You must read the whole series of them, very good!

Love this series...can not wait for the next one. Fast paced. Kept me interested till the end and dying for more!! Great book!!

This was such a wonderful book. It pulled me right into the story. I felt so heart broken for Anna for the treatment that she received from her Mother-in-law. Anna is a very strong woman to overcome everything that has been thrown at her. This is a great love story and I am so looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

Very good book. Great character developement, gritty story, wonderful plot. I love getting such good deals on my books. Will shop again soon!

This is a very good book if you like to save some water. Many good ideas and somegreat info.

This is another all time favorite book of mine. It's a cleverly written, feel good story. I re-read it every couple of years and recommend it to friends asking for book suggestions.

this is a great book about a very troubled boy who with the love of good friends thrived but couldn't overcome the abuse he suffered as a child. I felt sad at the ending and kept hoping for some type of redemption. I will definitely read more by this writer.

Again another great book fast paced and kept me on my toes and guessing. Please amazon bring in a system where we can rate without having to write a review

Great book! Good series! I would only like it better if it took place in USA! Very up-to-date with latest tech .

One of my favorite sure to read the pre-quil first...I have become a Cynthia D'Alba fan thru this series of books..

This was a good book.I felt so sorry for her at the beginning,and so mad at that rat.I'm glad she found him on the cruise and they fell in love.

Good book takes a few chapters to draw you in but it does.. but I love bad boy books that turn into a love story

Though I had to read each chapter over and over for the message to sink in, I found it to be a great book, with many lessons. The most difficult for most is to make decisions that aren't based from ones ego. Its very thought provoking and well worth the necessary studying to achieve a better understanding.

Who the real stalker was kept me guessing. It was exciting in many ways. I kept hoping it wasn't Jake. This was a good book and I really enjoyed it.

Although this story is quite troubling, with the inappropriate behaviors of young teens, it is a great, suspenseful book. You become connected to Kate and Amelia, & get to know them even better because they both narrate at times. Great book club book-lots to discuss.

Refreshing to read a good book without explicit sex and language. I look forward to reading more of his books.

A British friend of mine stopped by last night and had a great time looking through the recipes and said many of them were authentic and wonderful. Others, not so much. Overall a great book and very, very fun!

Great book with recipes for a paleo breakfast. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try a paleo diet.

Monroe's`tales of werewolves and humans set in historic Scotland never fail to draw the reader in. A good book with amusing characters.

Great book! Suspenseful story that held my attention to the end! Highly recommend it! You won't be sorry you read it!

This story came to an excellent close for me. I'm glad my man strap got some happiness for himself he is really a true dude. Cash did surprise me though.Fallon omg what was she thinking I guess we really didn't know her. Ghost is still Ghost but he is slowly evolving.Treis wow now that was a hood chick for real. Good book Love keep them coming.

It started out just a wee bit slow, but as it got more and more complicated, and I had no clue who was doing what and why, it was terrific. Didn't see the ending coming at all. Good book.